Testimonials & Reviews—How to Request Them and Why They Are Important

Testimonials & Reviews—How to Request Them and Why They Are Important

Reviews and testimonials—many of us use these public opinions when determining our purchasing decisions. Whether it’s a Yelp review for a restaurant or a product review on Amazon, reviews and testimonials are an essential way to share the feedback folks have about business. Ideally these comments are positive and a free way to promote the quality of your products and services.

As a small business, creative entrepreneur, practitioner, or facilitator, it can be a little more complicated to get reviews, especially if it’s a new process for you, but it’s easier than you may think.

First decision you need to make before even asking someone to leave you a review is where you will house them. You may want to house your reviews on your website, Instagram and other social media, or use something like Google reviews. Keep in mind, you want to have a clear and present call to action (or CTA) available that your clients/followers/customers will see organically.

An example of this would be a highlight your Instagram called “Reviews” and the first story in that highlight displays the directions on how your audience can leave you a review. You may have the swipe up feature, or send folks to the link in your bio. This link could lead them to a Google Review form or open their email app to send you their feedback directly. Whatever method you use to house your reviews should be easily accessible and a simple process. By having this highlight on your IG, you’re allowing people to see that they can leave a review every time they visit your profile. This will not only increase their likelihood of leaving a review themselves after they have a positive experience, but also it increase their likelihood of purchasing a product or service from you in the first place since you have an easy to find repository of positive reviews.

Another way your audience could find your reviews organically is if you have a location on your website marked “Testimonials” in your navigation bar. You should have all of your best testimonials present and a CTA button to leave one as well. Additionally, across your entire website, you can place testimonials where relevant and the CTA button wherever it is applicable. A good example of this would be a specific product review in your shop right under the description of the product—choose a review that really highlights the benefits of a product and compels folks to buy it. It’s encouraged to have your reviews in multiple places, but collect them through one source.

Once you have decided your prefered method of receiving your testimonials and reviews, you’ll want to let people know you’re collecting them. Keep a permanent link to leave a review in all of the important places such as: your linktree on social, your website, at the bottom of your digital invoices, your email signature, etc. so folks are frequently reminded that you want their feedback.

If you start this process now, there’s a good chance that you’ve had some great potential reviewers come through your business already but, didn’t have the set up yet to collect them. These are totally viable options and reaching out to them would be a great way to get your reviews going! You can reach out on email, through DM, or whatever your most recent and frequent form of communication with them has been. In the request email, include all of the pertinent information they could need to minimize the back and forth with them. You’re taking up some of their precious time with this request so let’s make it as seamless as possible to increase our chances they will go through with the request.

You may write a different request based on your business model, how long it’s been since you last spoke, or any number of variables. Keep that in mind—your request should be unique to your circumstances and personal.

Maybe your client recently sent you a raving review via DM, and you want to screenshot it to post. Here’s a template you could use to make that inquiry:

Hey [name], I’m so glad to hear that you loved [product or service][*] Your feedback is so important to [me OR us] and [I OR we] would love to share this with our [clients/customers/followers], would you be okay with that? If so, I can share just the text, an anonymous screenshot, or a version that keeps your name and image public. Which would you prefer? Regardless, [I am OR we are] so grateful for this positive testimonial and cannot thank you enough for being a [fan, customer, client, etc.].

Be well[*]
[Add name if multiple people us this account]

*in these areas you could use an ! or an emoji if you’d like. This is a part of the customization process. Period’s are a little more serious and the most corporate. Exclamation points are still professional, show excitement, but maybe don’t have that much personality. Emojis can get excessive, but do what is on brand for you!

You might have a client that you worked with ages ago but, you know they raved about you because you have gotten several verbal glowing reviews from them. Here’s a template you could use to sent a request via email:

Hey [their first name],

I hope you’ve been well since our last conversation! [I’ve OR We’ve] just set up a hub to collect and share reviews for [my OR our] [product or service]. I recall you had some really thoughtful feedback after our last [method of contact] and I was wondering if you wouldn’t mind sharing that again in writing? Your testimonial really stuck with [me OR us] and [I OR we] would really love to share your thoughts with our [clients/customers/followers].

Would you be comfortable with that? If so, here’s the link {hyperlink} to leave a review. [I OR We] really appreciate your time and hope all is well with you!

[If it feels applicable, you can add another sales line in here such as By the way, I’m offering [service] right now and would love to hop on a quick call if you’re looking for something along those lines.]

Best Wishes,
[Your name]

There are so many ways to ask your audience for reviews, just keep in mind that you should be kind, accept that they might not be comfortable leaving a review or sharing their personal information, and never take it personally if they don’t want to leave one. Reviews and testimonials are an important part of every businesses organic marketing strategy, but they also should be evaluated as feedback can help us improve.

Not only is this a fantastic tool for your audience to decide if they want to work with you or not, but it’s also a great way for you to tweak your products and services, offer new ones, or streamline your process to ensure positive reviews for years to come!

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