join the ultimate strategy workshop

join the ultimate strategy workshop

Back in 2020, I started working with Lynsey at BreadxButta as a creative strategist. Signing her on as a client has been such a positive experience and our time working together has been wonderful. We’ve accomplished so much in just a year and a half. From launching a two-tier membership service, to forming BreadxButta’s first staff team, to developing long-term campaigns, we’ve been super busy behind the scenes and online.

Over the last year and a half of working together, Lynsey began receiving questions about her graphics, her strategy, her branding, etc. and those questions really picked up over the last month. That’s why we decided to create The Ultimate Strategy Workshop.

The workshop is for small businesses, creators, entrepreneurs, or anyone looking to begin their journey into taking their projects seriously.

When I was developing this workshop, it was crucial to me that the attendees receive as much information as I could fit into 2 hours. In that time, we’ll cover:

  • About Me
  • Key Elements Of Success
  • Your Evolution
  • Understand What You Are Providing
  • When To Ask For Help
  • Defining Your Brand—How Can Good Design Solve
  • Website Checklist
  • Mini Strategy Session + Worksheet
  • Four Goals Of Personal Growth
  • Getting Comfortable With Being Uncomfortable
  • Purpose Driven Communication
  • Information + Media Literacy
  • Ineffective Vs. Effective Communication
  • Problem Solving
  • Creating A Structure That Works For You
  • Free Tools + Resources
  • Q + A

Maybe you’re afraid of hiring a strategist right now, but you’re in the early stages of contemplation. Or you don’t need a designer, you’re pretty confident you want to do things on your own, but you need a little guidance on where to start. Maybe you’ve started a business over quarantine and you just decided you’re going to turn it full-time but, don’t know how. There are so many ways this strategy workshop can be of value if you’re a small business, creative entrepreneur, solo practitioner or facilitator.

Throughout the workshop, I’ll be sharing examples, samples, and interactive elements to get you thinking about your business and project in new ways. My questions are designed to cover the basics of marketing, strategy, and so much more.

And using my personal trauma-informed experience, we’ll even hit on a section regarding personal growth, because your business does not exist in a bubble. Real life is still happening around us every day and affecting our ability to cope. I create strategies that work with the knowledge that our mental health is a fundamental component of our daily activities that cannot be ignored.

Another extremely large component of this workshop is the Q + A session. There will be ample time to ask questions! What is really wonderful about my strategy sessions when you sign on as a client is that I take a large portion of time to discuss with you your worries, concerns, and trepidations. We’re going to replicate that process as much as possible in this workshop! I want everyone to leave the session with answers and a list of questions to ask themselves that will help propel them forward, not make them feel held back.

This workshop will hopefully be something we repeat quite often, but right now we are set up for August 22nd and September 18th of 2021! The workshop is $33 for the two sessions and you’ll be walking away with a ton of free resources. I’ll also be sending out an email after the workshop with a recording of it so you don’t have to worry about memorizing every detail.

Are you ready to join The Ultimate Strategy Workshop? I can’t wait to see you there!

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