Episode 43: Strong Art with Tatiana Poblah

Sometimes you need to reinvent yourself, which is why we took a month hiatus. BTW I missed you, thank you for being so patient. Other times you know exactly what you need, and you’re just begging for the universe to give it to you.

This episode is mostly me obsessing over the art of our guest, but I want to tell you that this art deeply affected me. I was feeling this intense emptiness, searching for positivity in the negative space we all live in. And in the weeks of our hiatus, I felt the same emptiness, but both times Tatiana, her work and her kindness, brought me back. Take a listen to this inspirational artist and fall in love the same way I did.

 “Every artist was first an amateur”
-Ralph Waldo Emerson

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Photo via Tatiana Poblah

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