Episode 41: Turning Petty Into Poetry with Rachel Wiley

For some of us our sexual identity is apparent from birth, for others, experimentation, conversation, infatuation, and love can change your orientation at any moment. Sometimes even when you least expect it.

During this pride season, it’s important to highlight the experiences of all folks who identify as queer. Those who are or were ever questioning. Also, those who allowed themselves to experiment. And most of all, those who live life to the fullest, not putting a label on what they love, just spending all day focusing on how they love.

I didn’t ask today’s guest Rachel Wiley when she first was attracted to women, how she knew, what in her sex life has changed, or does she miss men. You know why? Because none of that fucking matters. It won’t change my life to know those things, and it won’t change yours. What is important is that Rachel is in a supportive, loving same-sex relationship, and that’s not even one percent of what makes her the amazing human she is.

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Rachel Wiley – “Dry Cake Wishes and Tap Water Dreams”

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Photo via Photo by Rachel Joy Baransi

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