Episode 40: Length Not Gender with Kristin Rankin

“Be the change you wish to see in the world,” is a corny ass saying, but I’ll be damned if that bitch ain’t the truth. We’ve all thought about ways things could be improved, made up inventions of how a bra could be more comfortable, or a better way to get off of a fucking airplane, but it’s not often that any of us choose to act on those thoughts. Today’s episode is dedicated to someone who actually did something about it.

This episode is the first of our June Pride celebration. All month-long, you’ll be hearing stories from people in the LGBTQIA+ community highlighting their activism, personal tales, stories of self exploration, and sharing education. This month’s guests are include poet and author, Rachel Wiley. Bex from Bex Talks Sex and The Dildorks! You’ll also get to check out the Super Normal’s Womxn & Leadership Panel the day after the event. To get all this and more straight to your phone, go ahead and subscribe in whatever app or site you’re listening on. There’s new episodes every Monday with surprise bonus content! While you’re there, leave us a review! It helps get the word out to more people and can help your girl get a sponsor because I’m broke!

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