Episode 39: Cutting Straight (or Queer) to Success with Lorean Cairns

Bad pun for a title aside, I am so excited to bring you this episode. Womxn do some pretty great shit, but when womxn find themselves in a place of power and use that power to not only support other womxn, but support other marginalized communities, it’s like this beautiful little sweet spot of love and success.

As you may have seen on my social media, I’m hosting a panel on June 12th at Fox & Jane Salon on Grand St. For a while now I have been wanting to give back to my various communities. It’s important to me though to differentiate the ways in which I give back. This podcast, for example, is very one-sided. You come here every week and listen to me talk, but unless you hit me up on Instagram, I’m not going to know how you feel, what you got out of this, or what questions you have for the guest. So, I wanted to bring the guests to you in a way that was unadulterated, with full access to their journeys, tips for success, and their realness. This event was born out of the conversation you’ll hear today with Lorean, CEO of Fox & Jane.

Just like I do with Lorean in today’s conversation, we’ll be chatting about the ways womxn can access success by breaking through gender stereotypes or norms surrounding careers for women. By the way, the event is 7-9 PM if you identify as femme or female RSVP by clicking here!

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Featured Image Via Lorean Cairns

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