Episode 38: WTF is Gerontology with Person Centred Universe

After a lovely phone call with these two beautiful Canadian souls (one that accidentally cost me $30 in long distance charges) I learned more about the ways we can assist our family and friends with Dementia.

So many of us are afraid of aging. You can see it in our anti aging creams, sayings like “live while you’re young,” or reminders from people who say, “I remember when I was your age,” but with all that fear surrounding the end stages of our lives, what are we doing to make sure our final years are worth living?

The aging process has so many beautiful moments, hopefully you get retirement, some get grandchildren, maybe some light reading by a pool. But it also comes with a lot of fear: fear of being alone, fear of how you will look, and fear of the complications that come with old age like memory loss or a diagnosis of dementia.

That diagnosis can leave many feeling scare or unprepared, especially for families and loved ones who don’t know what proper care looks like for dementia patients. Today’s guests are going to walk us through what you should do after a Dementia diagnosis and how to properly seek care.

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Featured Image Via Ashley King

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