Episode 37: Mother’s Day + Representation Matters with Kelsey Darragh

Some of us have mothers who taught us all there is to know about the world. Other people have the internet.

Dealing with your mental health, invisible illnesses, chronic pain, navigating your sexuality, trying to build a career, and still be present in your friendships and relationships can be quite exhausting.

For me this manifested itself in a lot of googling, web MD visits, and watching people on YouTube saying the things I didn’t know anyone else felt. I was actually diagnosed with my autoimmune disease called Ankylosing Spondylitis after I saw a Buzzfeeder’s vlog about his diagnosis. I also saw through Buzzfeed’s content that there was someone walking through life being a bisexual, shit talking, badass who also was living with chronic pain and still making a name for herself.

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Featured Image Via Kelsey Darragh

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