Episode 36: Atoning For My Sins with T. Cooper

What’s a white girl to do to atone for the sins of her middle school self trying to find her place in the world? Make a podcast about it. Yes, even I am guilty of cultural appropriation and I am not proud of it.

I’m saying this now. At no point in this episode am I promoting or condoning cultural appropriation. That being said, I am so excited to have on today’s guest. Celebrity hair and makeup artist T. Cooper and I chat about all things beauty, representation, and my confused childhood.

Not every episode needs to be sad y’all! Despite the world feeling like it’s burning in a million places now-a-days, there are still wonderful people out there who will make you laugh, bring you joy, and teach you all at the same time.

Now, Take this episode, rewind it, and write down every single one of T’s recommendations. Also get yourself some damn cocoa butter.

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Featured Image Via T. Cooper

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