Episode 36: Changing the Political Climate with Isaac Vergun

Climate Change is happening every day. As we inch closer to our planet’s inevitable death, how can we reverse our acceleration of it?

Yesterday was Earth Day and it’s important time of the year for that one girl from high school to remind you that she composts and you don’t. But as your feed gets flooded with pictures of plastic bottle mountains and sad polar bears, the youth is out there making change. As a part of the Youth V Gov movement, teens across the country get ready for their court day with the Trump Administration. They’re hosting rallies, working with international groups, and taking pledges to reduce their carbon footprint.

Isaac is one of many teens taking change into their own hands. It’s mind boggling to me that there was no movies or TV show’s that started this revolution of teen activists, it was just their entire childhood, growing up surrounded by a financial crisis, political turmoil, and police brutality. They’re not just fighting for their lives in school, they’re fighting for their future.

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Featured Image Via Isaac Vergu

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