Episode 35: Chats with Lady No Brow

Cool art, checking your privilege, and AN INSTAGRAM GIVEAWAY!

Are you a white woman? Are you constantly filled with white guilt? Don’t know how to make your vacations benefit local communities instead of filling my newsfeed with your white savior Instagram pictures? Then you’re in the right place…

Being white is an awkward topic these days. You may not know how to address issues like racism, sexually abusing cisgendered white men in power that you may have voted for, or reinforcing negative stereotypes by only going to see movies with people like Amy Schumer in it. But you know what being white isn’t? An automatic death sentence. An unfair trial. Being white isn’t innately making your life more difficult because of your complexion. So how about we just get the fuck over it and all realize this–white privilege is fucking real.

What can you do if you are white and acknowledge your privilege? Well you can be conscious of the decisions you make. You might not always make the right ones still, but you can sure as hell try harder.

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