Episode 34: Poetry for the Soul with Phonetic Wisdom

We are all struggling in our own ways. Everyone is fighting for survival, fighting to find their identity, or fighting through traumas… past and present. And as today’s guest says, “We’re all living the same shit in different shoes.” But we must acknowledge that certain groups of us deal with life from an even more extreme set of circumstances.

Doubling down on being a woman who is also black may feel like you’ve been dealt a bad hand. Colorism is real, the male-female dynamic is real. Racism, in 2018, that shit is real. So what are we doing today, right now, to help black women in America and around the world?

Support Black and brown humans. Support black and brown womxn. Support Black and brown businesses. Give them the opportunity to share their stories, speak their truth, and have a voice. We cannot allow any more excuses.

Today’s guest is Sabrina Sadé and she is sharing her experiences of being a Black woman through poetry.

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Featured Image Via Sabrina Sadé

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