Episode 27: Don’t You Fuck With My Engery

White people have a tendency to appropriate cultures, whether they admit it or not. But sometimes the appropriation of a culture can accidentally lead to an acceptance of something that was formerly dangerous to its native people to practice.

The world is full of skeptics as well as people who take advantage of the intangible, monetizing off belief. When it comes to Brujeria, I don’t see much difference in believing in spirits, auras, and tarot readings than believing in a man coming back from the dead, again. To me, I actually find it much more believable, because this person is not trying to come up with a one size fits all philosophy to life. Today we meet a real life Bruja, the Mexican witch, and discuss what it means to practice Brujeria in 2018.

For something that has been around thousands of years in different cultures, all around the world, Brujeria or witchcraft, is still quite taboo. Valeria and I believe, whatever works for you to feel you are channel your best self is worth the practice. Understand that we are all who we are, and we cannot change who that innately is, BUT we can expand our capabilities. We were once language-less babies. Maybe Brujeria is just another language we all need to learn.

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Featured Image via @TheMexicanWitch

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