Episode 26: The Traveling Fro

There’s a lot of buzz around the idea of being a blogger these days. Whether you’re a stay at home mom in Utah or a hipster soap-carver in Brooklyn, it seems, with the right filter and following, you can find your audience. But how many of them, on a day-to-day basis, actually live this life?

Travel blogging seems like the ultimate #goals job. You get to see the world, choose your destinations, making memories, friends and money along the way. But what’s different about today’s Travel Blogging Becky’s than Anthony Bourdain, is many of them come from privilege and are all fighting for the same audience. Most of these bloggers are no experts. They don’t have a degree in geography. They aren’t foreign policy correspondents, restaurant critics, or even versed in many languages. They are people who wanted to see the world. And that’s wonderful, but why am I going to live vicariously through someone who’s using Daddy’s money to appropriate culture in Morocco?

In this episode, I speak to a blogger who is like you and me. Living off a dream and a freelancer’s salary, Jakiya Brown shares her unfiltered travel experience through the message of being you and embracing who that is.

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Featured Image via @TravelingFro


    1. Samantha Sedlack

      Hey Matteo! Are you asking how the host Sam chose this profession or Jakiya? If it’s the latter, you can find that out by listening to the episode! If it’s the former, stay tuned for an episode just about Sam and her career. You can subscribe on any podcast app or follow us here on WordPress!

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