Episode 25: I’d Rather Observe People Than Talk to Them

The human body has so many intricacies. Our highway of veins and capillaries, the hundreds of bones that hold us up. But one of the most intricate things about the parts of the human body is the arbitrary meaning society has put on those parts.

Being a feminist these days can get you a lot of flack. We are often compared to cancer and Nazis. Add that to being a Millennial, which is the go to reason for the world ending for anyone above 40, and you’ve got quite the Nightmare on your hands. Photographer Mia Rita is both of those dreaded labels, and she decided to push her luck a little bit further, by being a nude model and creating a magazine to put other artists like herself into the public eye.

To see Mia’s work, click here or follow her on Instagram @MiaRitaPhoto. You can follow Things as They Aren’t Magazine on Instagram @tatamagazine and purchase the latest issue here.

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Featured Image via Mia Rita
The name of this episode comes from a piece done by Mia.

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