Recommended Reads – Yes, Please!

Welcome to Sam’s Recommended Reads! This week’s selection is another memoir and it’s from one of my all time favorite chefs, Marcus Samuelson.  I have been trying to get reservations at his spot in Harlem called Red Rooster for forever.  I just want to taste your chicken Marcus!

Anyway, this book is called Yes, Chef.  If you’ve ever watched a film or documentary that properly portrays the innards of a fine dining establishment, particularly those trained in classical french cuisine, you will know that “Yes, Chef,” is akin to saying “Yes, Mommy,” right after you’ve been called by your full name.

This memoir is an energizing tale of a soft-spoken man’s career.  Although Marcus is quite successful and most notably known for his role as a judge on Food Network’s Chopped, he endured a true chef’s scorn in his early life.  Belittling in the kitchen, an identity crisis at home, conscientiously woven together by intramural soccer games with other immigrants in Central Park.

The life of young Marcus is how I see the American Dream.  If you are interested in self discovery, tips on how to kick ass, or genuinely fantastic storytelling, this is the book for you.

Check this book out by going to or by clicking this link and search for Yes Chef: A Memoir.  It’s a pretty short title, you’ll find it.  If you use my link, you’ll get a free audiobook download with a free 30-day trial. Seriously, just cancel that shit if you don’t like it.

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Featured Image via Marcus Samuelson

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