Episode 22: Life’s A Drag

In every relationship, we are faced with compromises.  But when those compromises require us to reevaluate our morals, it’s a monumental restructuring of who we are.

We have previously discussed the idea of inter-community change and how that benefits interactions with others, such as in Episode 1 when Chris spoke about eradicating the promotion of aggression within the black community. It’s hard for anyone to admit when they have a prejudice, even more so to admit you feel negatively about something a loved one enjoys. Today’s guests share a story of compassion, ferocity, and growth through love.

There is so much to love about these two. Whether you’re in Auburn, Alabama or Manhattan, New York, living a double life can be incredibly tiring. Aaron’s now unwavering support of Seth and continued promotion of Colana shows just how strong their love is. Remember to grow everyday, accept your loved ones for who they are, and be careful of how you perceive people. Those pious christmas carollers might also be fierce queens.

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