Episode 21: New Years Resolut(e)ions

Many think of the New Year as a fresh start and it’s not unlike the fresh start that immigrants seek when they arrive to America. I hope that the me too movement continues into 2018. To discuss the exploitation of women with recognizable names is a great start in acknowledging the abuse of power in this country, but there are everyday women affected, particularly women of color, and immigrant women who escaped a poor living situation in their home countries only to become trapped by a man in this one.

Social media is a cesspool of new year’s resolutions, but I’m here to say that you shouldn’t wait for a new calendar year to become who you want to be. The Gregorian calendar doesn’t dictate your mental health and you don’t require a new Instagram bio to reinvent yourself. All of those things may help, but they won’t make it any easier to commit to and execute your resolutions. Just like Ann, many of your resolutions can take years, even decades to accomplish. And your life’s work might not even be apparent or available to you yet. Don’t use other people’s social media posts as a measurement tool for your situation.

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