Episode 19: Ch-ch-changes

Our perceptions can prohibit us from truly getting to know someone. Especially when that person is growing and changing to become the better version of themselves. We’ve discussed in previous episodes the toxicity of someone’s presence on Social Media, but this overlaps into real life as well. How many times have we established a concrete image of someone in our minds based off what they wear, what they do for a living, or even where they live? How many friendships, relationships, or partnerships have we closed ourselves off from based on our perceived evaluations of someone before we even gave them a chance to explain who they are and why.

And even more troubling, how many times have we as individuals chosen a path, or a career, or an outfit because of what we think we should be doing? Don’t let the rules society puts in place prohibit you from forward motion, especially if that forward motion requires you to break out of the previous norm you were in. Self exploration and allowing ourselves to change can be scary, but it’s what propels us forward.

“Time may change me, but I can’t trace time.” – David Bowie

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