Episode 15: The Root of the Problem

We the people, sit and bicker, agree to disagree, categorize ourselves and others in hopes of protecting what is ours. We the people partake in activities associated with the governance of our countries, our states, and our cities. We the people participate in debates and conflicts within our parties and without. But I don’t believe it is us who is hoping to achieve power. Not all of us at least.

Whether your family was a coal family all your life or you’ve lived your last 5 years with all of your garbage fitting in a single mason jar, Climate Change is affecting you right now. I don’t mean it in the general sense that the weather patterns are changing, the storms are getting bigger, all of that you can research on your own time. But whether you are a climate denier or not, Climate Change is affecting you because politicians and politics are being maneuvered and bought to represent one side or another. Your tax dollars are going to programs that, whether they cause climate change or not, they are killing people. Over 200,000 gallons of oil leaked from a program that was funded by those who do not care about your health, your climate, or your children’s future. The fact that it created opportunities for the workers is not important because the people who put them there did it for themselves. Their pay will not be docked because of the leak. But hundreds of thousands of lives were affected by this project alone and will continue to be for years to come.

Climate actions are being taken by those who are trying to protect their land and they are being undone by those who are trying to protect their pockets.

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