Episode 13: Mixed Race

When people are constantly trying to size you up and figure out what you are, it can cause you to question your identity. Being mixed or biracial can be a beautiful thing, filled with many cultures coming together to create a lively and exciting home life. But it can also lead to constant explanation, mitigation, and education for others who just don’t get it.

Mixed people come in all shapes and sizes, but there are divisive and defining ideals from society that can dictate their lives. They often don’t have a skin color that represents one group or the other. Because of that, sometimes neither group that makes up their ethnic background will accept them, leaving them to feel isolated. What if you don’t know your entire make up? This can leave people with an identity crisis, since so much of your worth in today’s superficial society, is made up by what group you fit into, especially during your youth and development.

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