Episode 11: Abusive Relationships

Abuse comes in many forms, it can be physical, emotional, or even psychological. These types of abuse can leave long lasting scars on our personal development and ability to foster healthy relationships in the future. One thing that is common among those who have suffered at the hands of an abuser, is they believe they brought the pain upon themselves.

In this episode we speak to three women who have lived through different types abusive relationships. We share these stories, through all of the pain and shame, in hopes to show you that you are not allowed. These are, unfortunately, not isolated incidents and there are many abusers worldwide. Although we cannot prevent these situations from happening to everyone, we can learn the early warning signs, share our stories, and teach each other how to remove ourselves from the situations as we learn to say “no more.”

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Music featured in this episode by Denise Latray.

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