Episode 8: Following Your Dreams?

The idea of following your dreams is a less than amusing timeline involving societies idea of what’s good for you.  Remembering those cards our teachers held up as children describing what a doctor looked like, a policeman, a firefighter, I’m sure we all have the same image in our head. Breaking away from these stereotypes can be crippling, but what’s even more difficult once you decide to do that is finding your “calling,” and equally daunting task.

Sometimes we must take the road less traveled and figure things out for ourselves.  Life is not a one size fits all H&M beanie.  We can share stories of each other’s journeys and learn some tips along the way, but it is up to us to wake up in the morning and grab the life you want by the ballzzzz…I mean by any means necessary.  Cheers to eating Ramen for another few years!

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