10 Podcasts You Should Subscribe To

All stories are a learning opportunity.  Here at Super Normal, we wouldn’t have the opportunity to create a podcast if it wasn’t for the other amazing hosts and productions creating their shows, paving the way for our future.

This is a list of the 10 podcasts I’m subscribed to right now.  I have a wide variety of tastes but the common thread of these podcasts is knowledge. Knowledge of history, culture, and shared stories that bring us together.

Check them out, shoot them a review, subscribe, and if you can please donate.  Podcasts are EXPENSIVE to make, and every penny helps.

  1. Conversations with People Who Hate Me hosted by Dylan Marron
  2. The Love Bomb hosted by Nico Tortorella
  3. Death, Sex and Money hosted by Anna Sale
  4. FoodStuff  hosted by Lauren Vogelbaum and Anney Reese
  5. Revisionist History hosted by Malcolm Gladwell
  6. Hidden Brain hosted by Shankar Vedantam
  7. The Tim Ferriss Show hosted by Tim Ferriss
  8. 2 Dope Queens hosted by Phoebe Robinson and Jessica Williams
  9. Sincerely, X hosted by June Cohen
  10. Super Normal hosted by Sam Sedlack (of course we’re subscribed to our own show!)

To support Super Normal, visit us on Patreon.

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